Ranieri: How Arsenal Helped Us Win EPL Title

Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri has revealed their 2-1 defeat to Arsenal made him beleive they can emerge Champions.

The foxes stunned the footballing world last season as they reeled through a tough Premier League set-up to with the title for the first time in the club’s history.

Asked on when he started to beleive they can win the league, Ranieri told Sky Sports: “Myself, when we played against Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool,

“The whole world is waiting for us to lose the matches, and we are finished. But we won at City. And I say, ‘Oh! What a performance’. And we won against Liverpool. And we lost at Arsenal.”

“But Arsenal, 11 against 10, and they need 95 minutes to beat us. I said to myself then, ‘Oh! Maybe we will go very high’.”

However, Leicester City has failed to repeat the same feat in the league this season, and are currently struggling on the League table.


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