See what Happened to Owners Of Popular Blog used For Extortion

Everyone can recall Babatunde Oyebode was arrested for being the owner the controversial blog, Naijagistlive, however, he isn’t the real owner..
Jyoti Matharoo and her sister Kiran, were 2 days ago uncovered as the real owners of the blog and have been arrested for allegedly using it to extort and blackmail rich and famous Nigerians.

According to SDK, the duo were busted after a staff of the hotel they lodged in was traced via his IP address and phone number. The staff took officers to the room of the people he worked for and when the door was opened, the Canadian sisters were found in it. The officers confiscated the sisters phones and iPads in which they found enough evidence linking them to the controversial blog.

The sisters were nabbed and shortly after a friend of the sisters took to Instagram to spill more details on how they found the blog.
More details later


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