See How People Stop this man from Burning a Building (photos/video)

Jos North, Plateau Nigeria-
The quiet neighbourhood of Rukuba Road, along Satellite Market was awaken by a loud noise coming from a story building house along the road.Early this morning, a resident of a house on the street rose up, packed all his property and those of his younger brother who lives with him and then locked both of them inside the room. He then poured kerosene in the room and on his brother in a bid to set the room ablaze. It was the smell of the kerosene that woke the brother who was still asleep. The brother then started shouting and got the attention of the remaining tenants in the house who forcefully broke in and rescued the younger brother whose feet and hands were tied.

The furious tenants and the neighbors overpowered the perpetrator and tied to the pole outside to restrain him from burning the building.

The tenants said that the man tied to the pole was mentally challenged. They explained that sometimes, he behaves normally and other times has spells of insanity which results in leaving destruction in his wake.
The best thing they could do to save the whole building today is to restrain him by tying him up with a padlocked chain. The younger brother was very scared that he could not talk to anybody, he was just sited crying.
It is advisable that psychiatric access should be given to this sufferer and he should be committed for treatment of proper medical management.



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