See Shocking reason why women have hair growing on their chest

For women, hair growing on the chest is not a rare case as it may seem to be. In the most cases they appear during the pubertal period, but also this problem may happen due to the hormonal disorders.

Usually, this hair grows around the N!.pplss, and it is darker than the hair on the other body parts. There are certain nuances about whether you should worry about having hair on your chest or not.


Is it normal that I have hair on my chest?

In certain cases (pubertal period, hormonal disorder, pregnancy, menopause) this is not a surprising phenomenon, but there are also situations when the appearing of hair can be a signal for worrying. This goes about the cases when hair grows right from the N!.pplss or it grows too fast and too densely. If you have noticed such an excessive hair growth, you need to call a doctor.


How to deal with hair on the chest?

There are many ways. If you are troubled by only a couple of hairs, you can easily get them out with the help of a tweezers. You can also use a pair of scissors and carefully cut the hairs that disturb you. There is also one more way – shaving, but you should in no case shave the sensitive area around the N!.pplss. You can only shave the hair that is near. But do this very carefully!

If you have so much hair on your chest that you start having complexes connected with this, then you should visit a doctor and conduct an operation of hair removing or to remove the reason of this situation.
How to define that the amount of hair is excessive and anomalous?

When you notice that hair grows too fats and it is too dense and coarse. Actually, this can be the sign of the excessive amount of the male hormones in the organism. Such illness is named the Cushing’s syndrome. It goes about the excessive amount of the hormone cortisol. The causes can be the presence of inflammations or over taking of different medicaments that contain steroids. Don’t ignore this problem, call the doctor!

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

The syndrome causes not only the appearing of hair on the chest. It also leads to its growth on other body parts, excessive weight, hair loss and depression. You obligatory need to sure this disease!

Before taking drastic actions, look attentively at your chest. If the problem is just in a couple of hairs that grow on it, then you can calm down. But if the situation is more serious, then don’t try to cure yourself but go and consult a specialist.


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