When it comes to men and sex, there are two distinct categories of men; the ones who reach climax just under a minute and the ones who go longer than expected — probably 20, 30 minutes and over.

While the men who climax too quickly tend to feel emasculated, the ones who go for extremely long durations tend to feel cocky. Many of the men who climax quickly tend to seek for measures to make them last for extremely long duration — and then we forget the essence of sex and lovemaking in the first place.

Sex, first ought to be pleasurable, romantic, affectionate and bonding; but all these have been forgotten, and emphasis is now placed on the duration — which brings me to this topic – when does sex become too long?

According to a research, between 7 and 13 minutes is when most couples were completely satisfied from a single round of sex. This could mean that anything extremely above this duration could be too long.

Yes, it’s possible for sex to be too long and it varies from couple to couple. Like every other thing, good sex requires proper time management, passion, skill and foreplay — emphasis on time management.

When one partner stops enjoying intercourse after a period of time, it means that the sex has become long. When tiredness starts to step in, it means the sex is becoming long. When the passion fades off, it means the sex has become long. There is no specific time to say sex has become long, but when these acts above come to fore, then it means that the sex has become too long.

Couples (men especially) should seek for quality and pleasure rather than going all out for longevity. The longer sex is doesn’t mean the more pleasurable it would be.


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