Beautiful Nigerian lady gives weird anti-cheating recipe to women

Sophia Gold anti-cheating recipe

A Nigeria lady simply identified as Sophia Gold has advised women on social media to mix menstruation blood with their boyfriend/husband’s food.

The young lady who gave the advice as a way to get back at men who cheat on their women.

In her post, Sophia asked women why they mope and cry after a man cheat on them when they are supposed to get back at him for hurting them.

Sophia’s post made a lot of people especially men angry on social media and she has been forced to take the post down.

Sophia Gold anti-cheating recipeNigerian lady gives weird anti-cheating recipe

A lot of people may perceive her advice as evil because no matter what one does to you going as far as giving them your blood or menstrual blood without their consent is beyond abnormal and offensive.


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