Stop it! 10 things that girls do during s£x that guys hate

We love having [email protected]:’ with you, but there are some things we just cannot stand anymore that you might not know

We get it that men like [email protected]:’ even when its bad, its still [email protected]:’ but we would also rather have bomb-ass [email protected]:’ too. [email protected]:’ that really blows our mind.

These are some of the points that ladies need to pick and be better at. Some of them might apply to you while you might not do any of them in which case, allow me to say congratulations!

To be very honest, men are supremely guilty of some of these but hey! We are here to help each other get better. Here are the list of thing men absolutely loathe that women do during [email protected]:’.

1. She doesn’t know what to do with it

Sincerely, this might be a genuine concern for the lady but I’ll also have you know that it happens with me. Some guys don’t know what to do with a Pu.$$y when they see one, the Pu.$$y is an internal organ, might require some kind of expertise but for a woman, it should be fairly easy.

Ladies, try to learn how to work the d.!ck, avoid teeth as much as possible during [email protected]@b, educate yourself in the act of pleasuring a man, this also goes for guys as well. Take it easy on the [email protected], you’re not milking a cow.

2. She doesn’t want to get involved

This is a cause of bother for a lot of women, it’s what is being called being a log of wood here, she just stays there and allows the guy do all the work. It’s like here is my body, it’s a gift to you while you do whatever you want with it. We want your participation too.



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