How To Take Care Of Your Vag!na Everyday To Avoid Smell, Infection or Abnormal Discharge

It is important to know the dos and don’ts when it comes to v2ginal care in order to prevent infection, odour and irritation.

A smelly v2gina can be very embarrassing and humiliating in many different situations, both casual and intimate.

1. Wash the v2gina at least twice daily. If you work out, sweat excessively, or are involved in some other sweat- inducing activity, then wash after each activity. Make sure you change your undergarments at least daily and wash them in hot water to kill any stubborn bacteria. This will help to get rid of sweat and bacteria may have been trapped, leaving you feeling and smelling better.

2. Do not douche; don’t use antiseptic soaps or body scrubs to wash your v2gina. These products make the v2gina unfavourable for good bacteria and impact on v2gina health causing candida super-infection (the one popularly called “toilet infection”).

3. Always eat plain, unflavoured yogurt regularly or take probiotics. These have live active bacteria that contribute to the healthy ecological balance of the v2gina.

4. Always keep your v2gina dry, except you are having se xual intercourse. Keeping moisture and sweat down there is a recipe for bad odour and poor v2gina health.



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