“Should I Tell My Bestfriend I Caught His Fiancee Cheating Or Mind My Business?”

I really need your matured advise. I caught my friend’s Fiancee cheating (having sex actually) with another guy and she knew I saw her of course.. She’s been begging me not to talk.

If I keep quiet now and My guy later finds out I knew about it I will become a bad friend.

If I talk it could be the end of a 4 years old relationship, And their Wedding!!!

She has been Calling Me begging me not to tell him, and says she is willing to do anything to make sure this secret stays between us,
I’m even scared the girl may set me up if I decide to talk.

Advise please.


  1. Giv her an ultimatum , she tell her fiancee or u’ll do it. is yr friend you have to protect him from what may come after 4years or not she dint look the 4years herself before cheating. I’ll give 2 days for me. your choice, yr friend


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