Three Laws to Fl!rting in Your Text Messages

Why is texting one of the greatest tools for flirting and building attraction?

Well, first think about everything that goes into building attraction with someone in the real world. Such as your hair, eyes, smell, confidence, words, timing, clothes, witty remarks, and the list goes on. I call these attraction triggers. Now, it’s hard to build attraction with someone in the real world because you have to account for every attraction trigger or else you will be unsuccessful in your dating. So basically, the less attraction triggers you have to deal with the better your chances of being successful in building attraction and interest. Texting does just that. All you have to account for is words and timing and that’s it. You text the right words at the right time and you can expect to triple or double your success in dating. I have seen it happen hundreds of times.

Flirting is the key to getting the ball rolling in the right direction. It’s the unnecessary, but crucial part in building attraction. One of your main purposes when texting is to flirt. I’m going to share with you the three most important laws that you must follow whenever you are flirting in your text messages.

Law #1 – Build Suspense With Timing (Ten Minute Rule)

You must, at times, build suspense when text messaging. It creates the roller coaster effect in your text messages. I always teach the ten minute rule to people that are just getting started in texting: “Never send a text message within ten minutes of a vulnerable text message.” In other words, if the person text messages you something that makes them vulnerable such as, “Ya I’ll come over, what time?” or “What are you doing tonight?”, you need to hold them in that uneasy (vulnerable) place for ten minutes before giving the relief that everything is cool with you.

It’s kind of like when you lose your keys or wallet. At first, it’s not too bad and you start looking. Then, as time goes on, you become more frantic and you start feeling uneasy inside. After about ten minutes, you are in a stressed-out state and you wish they would just appear! When you finally find them, you get this rush of relief and you feel really good because of the suspense and possibility of not finding them. Apply this same rule in your text messages. Build suspense at times.



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