How To Turn Friendship To Love

You like a friend, but the feeling is not mutual. Having to live with it knowing that he/she does not see you in the same way is a daily torture. We’ll be very honest, once you enter the “friend zone”it is very difficult to get out. But as you lose nothing by trying, we leave you these tips that you can try to turn friendship into love. The important thing is not to lose a friendship in the process, so you must be careful not to make your friend feel uncomfortable.

You are seen only as a friend and do not know how to get out if the friend zone. Like a lot, but so far only a beautiful friendship unites you. Do not worry. A new study from the University of Maryland (USA),reveals how you can leave this area and begin a romance with that special someone.

Understand why

Understanding why you are in the friend zone will definitely help you in bringing the solution to turn friendship into love First we must clarify that there are two main reasons why you’re in this problem.
The first is that your friend is getting everything he /she needs from you, so hasn’t looked you as a possible partner. This means you know you’re always there for him/her, no matter what you need. You always do things when he/she wants and where he/she prefers because all you want is to make the guy/girl happy. Thus, he/she has all the benefits of a girlfriend/boyfriend except the physical benefits.

The second occurs when they are friends with benefits. These relationships allow you to have everything he/she wants from you, both physically and emotionally, but sailing with flag “we’re just friends”.

In both cases the fundamental problem is that your friend in the relationship is absolutely getting everything he/she wants, while the other wants more but no way to get it. It is important to know the reason behind the problem before trying to solve it. What you should do is renegotiate the terms of your friendship with your friend.



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