Unbelievable! MMM Advert Spotted Inside a Banking Hall in Nigeria (Photo)

In what will come across as a really surprising development, an advert banner for the popular MMM scheme has been spotted inside a bank.

In the photo, a man can be seen obviously in a banking hall standing and talking to others.


What caught people’s attention is the banner behind him.

On the banner is an advert for the controversial MMM ponzi scheme which has gotten Nigerians divided in recent times.


It will be recalled that the MMM has been condemned  in many quarters as a ponzi scheme that will crash and leave its participants heartbroken. Experts have even advised people to stay away from the scheme.


In fact, the House of Representatives has reportedly gone ahead to ask operators and promoters of the scheme to be arrested.


So, the emergence of this advert right inside a banking hall has gotten people stunned.


Many people have questioned the authenticity of the photo which they claim has been photoshopped.


However, others feel the photo is real and that MMM is here to stay.


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