Zimbabwean singer Ammara Brown is S£x tape scandal

Top Zimbabwean female singer, Ammara Brown, has been caught up in a web of s£x-tape scandal.

A news website in the country is claiming to have explicit video and pictures of the popular singer. The said 20-minute video shows a woman with caramel skin bearing a striking resemblance to the popular Zimbabwean singer. The light-skinned lady is seen in bed naked with a man. The story has caused a stir in the singer’s native country, especially with the immediate allegations that the video itself could be a fraud.

Ammara Brown

After the video started circulating online, some users researched the origin of the s£x-tape and found out it was uploaded online about four years ago and was that of an American porn star named, Amari Harrison.

According to the inquisitr.com; “In the photos, a light skinned woman who looks like Ammara is seen with a man, both of them undressed. In one photo the woman is on top and the man is on the bed facing upwards. A website, Musvo Zimbabwe, claims to be in possession of a home-made blue movie of the young singer and will be publishing it.” However, a later report tracked down the alleged video and reported that it was a fake. Instead of featuring Ammara Brown, the s£x-tape reportedly showed a woman who only closely resembled the singer.

Ammara Brown

“It is some American adult actress who happened to have the same hairstyle as Ammara when she made the famous Mukoko video. One does not even need to have seen Ammara to notice that the lady is nothing close to a look-a-like. She is much taller, much fatter, and has few facial features that resemble Ms Brown,” wrote Maynard Manyowa.

The reason behind the mislabeled adult video is unclear, but the timing of the video’s release comes just as Ammara Brown is set to make an appearance in the United States.



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